The Higher Power Prayer
The Higher Power Prayer

The Higher Power Prayer

Higher Power
Here with me now
Humbly I seek your grace.
All in your care
Your will be done
Through me as it is through others.
Give me today hope and courage
To forgive all past transgressions
As I surrender my fears and resentments.
And strengthen me against temptation
But free me to let go control.
Fill my spirit with calm, and compassion, and clarity
To carry to others.

Copyright © 2006 by Jenny B.

A Few Words About The Higher Power Prayer...

The Higher Power Prayer is humbly offered as a gift to the recovery community and to anyone seeking a non-denominational alternative to the Lord’s Prayer. 


The Higher Power Prayer is –
to pray to the god of your understanding –
to place your will in the care of your Higher Power –
to ask for guidance on the path to recovery –
to pray as an alternative to the Lord’s Prayer –
to find strength and calm in the midst of fear and confusion.

The first line of the Higher Power Prayer may be substituted with your name for your god, such as Dear God, Divine Mother, Great Spirit, Heavenly Father, Holy One, Inward Light, O Goddess, Sacred Creator, Universal Source…

The sounds, rhythms, and a few of the words of the Higher Power Prayer are intentionally
a close match to those of the Lord’s Prayer, so that people may join together in prayer,
each one saying the prayer of their own choosing at the same time without disturbing
one another.

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Widespread use of the Higher Power Prayer is encouraged. It is protected by copyright so it will endure in its original form – please click here to read the Permission to Use.

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Copyright © 2006 by Jenny B.