The Higher Power Prayer
The Higher Power Prayer

Permission to Use

The Higher Power Prayer is humbly offered as a gift to the recovery community and to anyone seeking a non-denominational alternative to the Lord’s Prayer. Widespread use is encouraged. The prayer is protected by copyright so that it will endure in its original form. Please read this notice in its entirety.

Copyright Notice

The Higher Power Prayer is Copyright © 2006 by Jenny B.

Permission for Personal Use
Permission is granted for personal, not-for-profit use, meaning you may link to this website, and view, download, use, print, or display (including display on your website) a single copy of the Higher Power Prayer, for your personal, non-commercial use as long as it is not altered or edited in any way and an appropriate credit and copyright notice are included (i.e. Copyright © 2006 by Jenny B.).

Permission for Commercial Use
All rights reserved. Any reproduction or use other than as above requires written permission from the author.

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Jenny B.
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Copyright © 2006 by Jenny B.